Beaver lake and Youell Lake Trails

Summer comes with awesome outing plans. This year we planned for camping to Moose Mountain Provincial Park.  There we decided to enjoy short hiking to Beaver lake and Youell Lake Trails.

Walking places, getting close to nature is the always awesome during summer in Canada. Beaver lake and Youell Lake trails are suitable for any age group, not very challenging but still enjoyable. 6.6 kilometre with temperately trafficked loop trail Beaver Lake and Youell Lake trails are situated near Kenosee Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada including a lake and is wonderful for all the nature lovers and Explorers. This route is mainly used for hiking, cycling, walking, nature excursions, and bird watching. The favourable months for this trail is between April to October.

We enjoyed exploring one of the most popular trails in Moose Mountain Provincial Park with the help of Google maps and Alltrails along with complete reviews and pictures posted by cyclers, campers, hikers, and nature lovers. As we walked along, we cherished the sights, sounds and smells with complete utilization of all our senses to explore and get closer to the amazing environment that surrounds us.

One of the most adventures on the Hike was Tick on the way. There were lots of ticks on the way, which was little obstacles on the way, but we find out different ways to tackle the Tick and completed our Hike with great accomplishment. There are lots of ways to enjoy our Hiking and camping season during the tick season. I will be sharing some Tips on Preventing Tick bites in my next article. Anyone you are planning to travel with either travelling with your baby or your pets this Hiking trail comes up with refreshing experience.

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