Nepal Visit: 4 Best Things to Do in Nepal

Welcome to the land of Himalayan Nepal!!

Anything you desire either conquering mountains or roaming around the historic places and temples, a trip to Nepal counts on the top destination for most of the travel lovers.

So, are you planning to make your vacation awesome in Nepal? If yes, this article is dedicated to you. Here, I will be talking about the top things to do in Nepal and make your holiday memorable. You can use these tips for both solo travel or travelling with your baby.

Best Things to Do in Nepal


Nepal is suitable destination for both novice and experienced trekkers around the world. Here you can find lots of trekking destination. Some of the best trekking destinations are Poonhill trek, Annapurna Basecamp trek, Everest Basecamp trek and many more.

In addition, if you are interest to hike or walk around and you have plan to travel to Nepal, you will certainly wish to go for a trek, or even plan the trekking trip.

From the mesmerizing mountains of the Himalayas to routes at lower altitudes, you can find different hiking and trekking destination of all distances and levels of difficulty to decide on.


Mountain flight

Are you excited for the mountain flight?

A mountain flight is more than one’s vision, since you have never imagined anything like it earlier. Only a bird is lucky to see this magnificent viewpoint and you are up close by in minutes of being flying. Relish a close look at some of the top peaks of the work counting Mount Everest (Sagarmatha) and make your vacation memorable with beautiful pictures because you are getting a window seat to enjoy the wonderful mountain view.

Do not miss a mountain flight otherwise you may regret later. Nepal consists of eight of the highest peaks around the globe and the best way to see them is through the mountain flight.


Roaming Around Pokhara

Looking for ideal destination to enjoy your vacation?

There are lots of amazing sites to roam around Pokhara that gives you refreshing feeling with their scenic magnificence and peaceful environment. Beautiful city Pokhara is situated in the shadow of some of the most renowned peaks and lakes.

Pokhara is a perfect destination for all the types of tourists with all age groups. From mountains to lakes and shops to monuments there are variety of things to do in Pokhara. Anything you are looking for either gets closer to the highest of the peaks by enjoying the trekking or wish to stay in the comforting embrace of nature by sailing a boat on the serene waters of a lake, Pokhara is your ideal destination to enjoy quality time.



Are you willing the fly enjoying the same spectacular views?

You will enjoy flying like a bird in the warm air all the while relishing sights of snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes and lush valleys like nowhere else on the planet. With skilled pilots to escort you across the sky, it is a life-time experience. Deciding from mountain flights to completely accredited paragliding classes, single flights, also go paragliding escorted by aggressors.

With the low-slouching valleys and the high cold peaks, Nepal comes up with some of the most excellent paragliding encounters in the globe with its natural growing warm air. So, please you are planning to visit Nepal 2020, make sure you add one day for paragliding. Its lifetime experience, you should not miss it

To the end,

These are some of the top things to do in Nepal. You can visit Nepal 2020. Trust me its an awesome place to spend your vacation

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